Dale Boyce has been a professional reader & teacher of the Tarot for over 35 years. Dale is also a New Thought minister along with being a Course  in Miracles student for over 30 years.  He is deeply studied in both Eastern & Western  systems of spirituality and metaphysics. His ability to synthesize these diverse teachings and apply them to the wisdom of the Tarot gives his readings and classes a unique and innovative perspective.
Tarot Readings & Classes
Here are some of the comments clients and students have said about Dale’s work:
“Dale has a broad perspective when he does Tarot readings that is profoundly helpful.  His knowledge of the 'Occult Sciences' is deep and extremely well informed due to his career as a bookseller and years as owner of a Metaphysical Bookstore.   As a result, his Tarot Class is a Tour De Force by one who has devoted his life to Spiritual understanding.  He is also such a lovely good person, with a very insightful and practical outlook that is uncannily 'tuned in'.” Thank you, Dale! Deborah N., New Mexico business owner “Recently I took Dale Boyce's course "Tarot for Self-Actualization".   The course not only did not disappoint but it became one of the best metaphysical courses I have ever taken. Dale teaches exactly how to bring the truth of the tarot inside our consciousness, so it can be an aid for discovery of our authentic selves.  His teaching awakened the truth of the tarot to me, so as to help me to be aware of all aspects of my path through life. I have recommended his course to all of my friends. Thank you Dale!” Virginia Stephenson “Dale Boyce is a sincere and knowledgeable instructor of Tarot.  He teaches in a loving and easy to understand way. I recommend him for learning Tarot for oneself or to read for others.” RH                                                                                                                  “I choose to see only Dale when I need a reading. I have also taken his classes on the Tarot which I have found to be quite helpful. He is very intuitive and clear. I feel very comfortable and confident when I see Dale.”  Linda King “Dale is a knowledgeable and intuitive tarot reader that over the years has provided me with accurate and insightful guidance via his readings.  His breadth of historical knowledge of the tarot and metaphysical arts is astounding and thus his readings capture so well the big picture of an inquiry....providing more of a holistic quality to them.  I highly recommend Dale for any metaphysical inquiries related to Tarot.” L.B. “Dale Boyce is very dedicated to sharing with others various teachings of New Thought,  Metaphysics, Spirituality, Tarot and More.   Whether it is research, metaphysical studies, tarot; Dale brings forth his  creativity and insights and assists others with inspiration.  Dale's integrity, wisdom, clarity, and compassion assists others on their own spiritual growth/path/journey.   Dale is genuine sincere and understands the Human Spirit as well as Divine Spirit.”   Darleen Costello  “Dale's Tarot readings have provided me with clarity and insight. He has helped to bring issues out of the shadows and into the daylight. He uses clear language for what can sometimes be esoteric concepts.” Denise R. “Dale Boyce is an exceptionally talented and sensitive teacher of classic tarot whose depth of insight and wealth of knowledge serve to fully inform and inspire his students.  Anyone interested in learning tarot from the basic to advanced levels would be delighted to have Dale as a mentor.” Vicki Rose “Dale is concise, direct, and clear. He's an efficient reader who can offer guidance on complex situations very quickly. His capacity to understand and speak the individual language of his clients is remarkable.” Jason Simms “Dale Boyce is a wonderful divinatory reader as well as inspirational teacher in the art of the tarot.  He has an amazing knowledge and a deep intuitive understanding of the cards.  Of my experience with Dale, I would say that he is able to be objective while possessing a healing and compassionate nature.  Ultimately, he has acted as a spiritual advisor, carefully guiding me towards self- empowerment and self-awareness, and always encouraging that I look within for my answers.”   Patricia Grana, client. “To my pleasure, I have had the great opportunity of taking a couple of Tarot courses from Dale Boyce.  I especially enjoyed his extensive knowledge of the history and the symbols involved in Tarot.  Mostly, he helped each of his students really look deep within and to use their own intuition to find their own answers for themselves and for others.  I would highly recommend Dale and I look forward to studying with him again in the future.”   Rosalinda "Rosie" Araujo-Emery “I have taken Dale Boyce's beginning Tarot class twice and intermediate class once. Dale has a wonderful policy that you can take his classes again for free once you have taken one paid class. I have enjoyed the classes immensely. They are well prepared and very informative. We use the Rider Waite deck and become very familiar with it. The discussions, classroom work, readings and homework are all fun, interesting and relevant. Dale is highly knowledgable about the a Tarot and explains it's use and interpretations with great expertise. I plan to take the intermediate class again, as you always learn new information during dynamic tasks and discussions. I highly recommend Tarot classes taught by Dale Boyce.” Susan Walter Retired APS Teacher Teacher at UNM Continuing Education.   "I recently took a class from Dale to learn more about the symbolism and gain an understanding of tarot. The more I worked with the cards, the more I discovered this to be a valuable tool to enhance my spirituality.  I found his intuitive knowledge to be amazing and refreshing.  I highly recommend taking a class from Dale Boyce." Leslie Banks "The class opened my mind to the symbolism of the tarot, providing a method for approaching the process of learning that has really helped me develop an intuitive connection to reading with the cards; Dale's eclectic approach suited the class brilliantly, and we had a lot of fun learning. I'd recommend his class to anyone interested in using the tarot as a vehicle for spiritual growth." James Self “I highly recommend Dale’s Tarot classes. I had the pleasure to take both his beginner and intermediate Tarot lessons. I am most interested in the Tarot as a means for personal discovery and spiritual growth, and Dale’s classes did not disappoint. I did learn a lot and it was fun; a great combination!  Dale is not only an excellent, gentle, honest, generous, and caring teacher who is very knowledgeable about the Tarot, but he also incorporates several other spiritual disciplines in his teachings which I found most valuable. A great experience.” Militza