Dale’s Writings These are some of my earlier writings, primarily influenced by studies in New Thought Christianity.
A FORMAT FOR THE SUCCESSFUL REALIZATION OF MUTUAL INTENTIONS IN PARTNERSHIPS 1. Opening invocation or prayer. 2. State the intention or purpose of meeting. 3. Keep the focus on the stated intention. 4. When sharing, the other person is not to interrupt. The one sharing verbally declares when their sharing is complete. 5. Keep the focus in present time. 6. Communication is to be constructive and solution oriented. 7. No abrupt departures from the stated intention. 8. At the conclusion of the session each person summarizes what has been agreed upon along with any specific actions to be taken by each partner. This can be a resolution, demonstration or goal to be accomplished that will carry them to the next level of joining. 9. An appropriate affirmation is decided by both partners that supports the realization of their stated intention. 10. At the conclusion of each meeting they agree to commit to a specific day and time for their next meeting. “Love holds no grievances.” - A Course in Miracles A TREATMENT FOR HARMONY & SAFETY My world is God’s world; harmonious, peaceful and safe.  God is the only power and presence in my world.  I accept the world just as it is, a perfect expression of God’s infinite love.  I now realize that the shadows that once engendered fear and separation in my world were of my own creation.  I no longer do battle with these shadows or believe they have any substance beyond my own misdirected thinking. I now purify my mind with the thoughts of God and my world is transformed again into its original state of light, beauty and perfection.  I am safe and at home in the world because I am safe and at home in the Mind of God. And So It Is INNER SELF PRAYER (inspired by the Seth material) Inner Self, I request in this moment that you direct me to the ways and means of realizing my stated intention of experiencing more peace and joy in my life. Since I know, from the deepest part of my being, that I am continually creating my reality through the medium of my focused thoughts and emotions; I am aware that any probable reality I choose will be made manifest in my physical experience with your help. I am open and receptive to any form of guidance you would offer in support of the realization of my intention. I look forward with joyous expectancy to witnessing your orchestration of events and circumstances that will lead me to the fulfillment of my desire. I trust completely in your infallible wisdom and I give thanks for your unconditional, ever-present, eternal support. INGREDIENTS FOR CONSCIOUS CREATION Knowledge – Understanding how it all works. The Law of Mind.  Thought is creative. Infinite Probabilities.  Simultaneous Time. Faith – Faith in the Knowledge and the process of how it all works. Faith in the assumption that the Universe is a naturally supportive realm. Purification – Uncovering conditioned, limiting beliefs, dissolving them and replacing them with positive, expansive beliefs concordant with Knowledge. Intention – Consciously choosing what you desire to experience in your reality. Focus – Zeroing in on Intention. Narrowing the field of attention on beliefs, attitudes and emotions that support the manifestation of Intention into physical experience. Release – Releasing Intention to First Cause and allowing It, in cooperation with the Inner Self, to work out the specific details on how Intention will manifest. Guidance – Looking for, listening too, Guidance from the Inner Self for actions that need to be taken for the manifestation of Intention. Also, Guidance on any corrections that need to be made in realigning beliefs, attitudes and emotions with Knowledge. Due Diligence – Actions taken based on Guidance within the framework of Knowledge that support the realization of Intention. TREATMENT FOR EMPLOYMENT God is my Divine Employer. Through my service to the world God’s Presence is glorified through me as me. I am attuned with the divine purpose of my life. My perfect employment is seeking me now. I am aligned with divine order and timing in receiving my perfect employment.  There is no doubt, no resistance within me to receiving my right livelihood now. I have released all psychic ties with past employment experiences. I am gently guided by Divine Love to my true vocation. I accept my new position joyously and with great thanksgiving. My perfect employment utilizes all of my skills, talents and experience in creative and wonderful ways.  I am rewarded with recognition and praise for the contribution I render to my new employer. My creative input is acknowledged and valued. I am richly compensated monetarily for my services and I am continuously enjoying a steady and expanding positive cash flow. My new work environment is peaceful and alive with fun and creativity. I relate easily and harmoniously with my co-workers. I send out love and acceptance and receive love and acceptance in return. My co-workers are my newfound friends.  I look forward to and love going to work each day. I thank God for my perfect employment manifesting in my life now. I release this treatment to the Divine Mind to be out- pictured in my life in the most wondrous and miraculous ways. And so it is. TREATMENT TO RELEASE NEGATIVITY I have made a firm and definite decision to put every negative thought out of my mind once and for all.  One by one I dissolve all false beliefs, all ideas that I am limited, sick, poor or miserable.  I replace them with thoughts of joy, beauty, power, health, peace and abundance.  All the power of the Universe supports me in this decision.  Nothing visible or invisible in the whole of creation can hinder me from receiving my Good, which is mine by Divine Right.  No matter what others may say, think or do, I know that I am a God’s Son and am safe and protected from all harm. I understand the creative power of Mind and I am continually on guard from accepting any thought or belief I would not want out- pictured in my experience. No matter how many times a negative or limiting thought pattern surfaces into my awareness, I know that I can release it by the realization that it has no power and that all power resides in the Infinite Spirit of Life, with which I am one. I express unceasing praise and thanksgiving for my life and for all gifts of God that I have received and am now receiving. I am resurrected in Faith and I am reborn in the awareness of my True Identity which is unlimited, perfect and complete. I turn to the future with courage and joyous anticipation knowing that in each moment I am guided and directed by Divine Love. And so it is. CREATIVE PROCESS FOR MANIFESTING YOUR INTENTION Identify a desire.  Remember that desire is the fire that ignites the manifestation process. Nothing can happen without this initial spark. Formulate and state, either through the spoken or written word, your intention to manifest your chosen desire. Release your intention to the Divine Creative Mind with absolute faith and positive assurance in the inevitability that It will manifest your intention with mathematical precision based on the immutable law that all thought is creative. Sustain a persistent and unswerving focus on your intention through affirmation, visualization, prayer, treatment or any other process that keeps your attention on your intention. Through fearless self examination, identify and release any beliefs that are unsupportive or counter to your intention.  Refuse to accept any belief, whether from within yourself or from an outside source, that would weaken or negate the manifestation of your intended desire. Watch for synchronistic signs and events, however seemingly insignificant, which reveal the unfolding of your intention. Take action on any creative ideas communicated to you from the Divine Creative Mind. Remember that your results are your Guru. Your progress toward the manifestation of your intention will always be reflected in the circumstances of your life. AN INTENTION NEEDS TO BE PURE An intention needs to be pure, free of fear and doubt.  If I am compelled to create something in my physical experience, it needs to be motivated by the sheer joy of creating rather than to avoid pain and suffering. For example, if I fear poverty and my desire to create wealth is to avoid deprivation and destitution, then seeded within my desire for wealth are those conditions which I believe I am consciously trying to circumvent.  The resulting manifestation of my intention will include both my desire and my fear.  I may create a large sum of money only to be forced to spend it on an “emergency” or lose it in some other unforeseen event. This is an example of the classic “sabotage pattern”; manifesting an intention and then creating circumstances that prevent me from fully receiving or enjoying the intended creation. However, if my intention is pure, meaning my desire for wealth is solely aligned with the joyful process of consciously manifesting it, and if I have total and unwavering faith in the premise that I am the creator of my reality, then my creations will reflect my pure and unified intention. PRAYER TO THE CREATOR Father, Your love guides, directs and protects me today.  I am a willing captive to your Voice.  You have shown me the path where I would discover the Love that I Am.  I will not stray from the way You have laid before me.  Joyously I travel the bright road that leads to the Self that You created. Amen MY THOUGHTS ARE RADIANT My thoughts are radiant with the Light of Spirit. There is no darkness in my mind. I am directed by the Spirit of Wisdom. I am guided into right action, into happiness, into peace, prosperity and success. The Light of Spirit shines from the very center of my being. This Light illumines my path and makes straight the way before me. With abiding faith, I joyously embrace the Light of Spirit within me. And so it is. SLEEPWALKING TOWARD ARMAGEDDON I wrote this article in March 2003, just before the United State’s invasion of Iraq.   Note: It is my deepest hope that by the time this piece is published a war with Iraq will have been averted. " There is a war going on at the present moment.  What does it signify?  It signifies that several millions of sleeping people are trying to destroy several millions of other sleeping people.  They would not do this, of course, if they were awake….”  --George I. Gurdjieff  (his response in the advent of World War Two) Would the Awakened Mind support the dropping of 3000 bombs in a period of forty-eight hours on ancient Baghdad, killing tens of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians, people just like you and I, poisoning Iraq's water supply, and crippling it's infrastructure, causing its people massive suffering for decades to come, all because the citizens of the United States are addicted to oil?  (If you believe this war is being fought for the ideals of freedom and democracy I suggest you open your history books.  With careful analysis you will discover that virtually every war throughout history has been fought over the control of resources and for the enrichment and empowerment of the elite classes. This proposed war is no different.) Would the Awakened Mind support a war that will cost our nation an estimated 100 to 200 billion dollars when our economy is already 400 billion dollars in the hole and our educational and health care systems are in shambles. Would the Awakened Mind believe the Automobile Industry's hype and run out and buy gas guzzling SUVs when conservative estimates project the world's oil reserves at current rates of consumption will only last another 45 years? Would the Awakened Mind, the Christ Mind, participate in the production and viewing of endless hours of mind numbing violence through movies, television and video games? Would it make demigods of movie stars and celebrities?  Would it glamorize war?   Does the Awakened Mind indiscriminately believe that everything our government, it's politicians, and the corporate media tells us is the truth? Would the Awakened Mind, the Buddha Mind, in its infinite compassion, write off billions of sentient and non-sentient life-forms as expendable in the pursuit of "progress" and the American Way of Life.            Would the Awakened Mind, the Illuminated Mind, offer the dark legacy of endless wars, ecological devastation, poverty, disease, and existential despair to the world's future generations all because humanity's present priorities are greed, power, and domination? "Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and not clothed. The world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children....This is not a way of life at all, in any true sense. Under the cloud of threatening war, it is humanity hanging from an iron cross." -- Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1953   The only just and holy war is the war against sleep. Wake up! Pray and work for Peace.