Daily Tarot Practice
The advantage to the practice of selecting a  Daily Tarot Card is that it gives you an opportunity. An opportunity to explore actions, thoughts, and feelings in your day to day life that you may otherwise just gloss over and ignore as insignificant.  The card in this focus is The Tower.  At first glance one's impression of this card is utter chaos and destruction.  The building/castle is burning, people are jumping for their lives out the windows, etc.  The tower card is one that is truly intimidating and disturbing when one receives this card for the first time.  Superficially most people deal with some form of chaos on a routine basis in their normal day. This card is meant to create chaos of the ordinary to unveil aspects of one's life that may be lacking or in need of improvement.  It is a wake up call, not a foretelling of your future. During our chaotic normal routine day, we forget how to communicate, how to really love and appreciate those around us and to take honest care of ourselves to be our best.  We run on adrenaline constantly getting kids to and from activities, homework, taking care of immediate needs of spouses and older family members, and in this day and age, our own hectic jobs.  This card is a reminder to stop and evaluate what our present situation is.  Some keywords for this card include disruption/chaos, awakening/awareness, detoxification (physical, mental and energy) and self-improvement (physical, spiritual and mental).  An interpretation of this card is that to move forward, one must allow the destruction of internal walls and old habits as well as dissolve any negativity that is affecting one's energy. Questions that one may ask themselves when they receive this card  are:  Where is the time for yourself?  How do you recharge your batteries?  Are you angry and if so, why?  What structures are falling apart around you?  Is your relationship rocky? Are you communicating regularly with those in your life?  Are you spending quality time with those you love?   Have you received a physical or mental wake up call about something?  Did something or some thought just hit you like a bolt of lightening?  What in your life is out of balance?  Why do you react the way you did (in a situation)? These questions, when you take a real hard look at them are an invitation.  An invitation to explore you.  What do you need to change to make your life the best life that you can for yourself and for others? A common affirmation for this card is: "I challenge myself to remove habits, structures and limitations whenever they no longer serve a purpose in my life."
by Leslie